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Welcome back!

Exciting news for 2017!

We had a few changes to our state office online team in 2016, Julie Case and Kerrie Kimes are no longer with the team and Michelle Hampson and Sue Allen have joined the team. Along with Trish Rymer and Warrick Smith we look forward to working with you in 2017. Please call or email for any assistance needed.

Or call 9266 8194

We are excited to announce that the revised ASD course will be available from the beginning of term 1, with updated content, resources, forums and quizzes. To make sure you are accessing the new course clear your browsing history, log on and have a look at all the fantastic changes and updates that have been made.

During term 1 we are also offering a tutor training day for nominated participants from their local areas, so if you are keen to train as an online tutor contact your local area coordinator for more information. 

Sue Allen

Adjusted Learning Advisor (NDIS)

State Office