Online training for
Special Educational Needs

Latest evaluation data

The latest evaluation data shows a significant increase in the number of participants rating their knowledge, understanding, skills and confidence ‘adequate’ or ‘excellent’.

Data from pre and post-course evaluations show the following overall percentage increases:

Knowledge and understanding:
from 40% to 99%

Skills in assessing the needs of students:
from 31% to 96%

Skills in planning and implementing interventions for students:
from 30% to 97%

Confidence in meeting student needs:
from 37% to 94%

To date over 71,462 participants across Australia have taken part in SEN or multicultural OLT courses.

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In consultation with the national group, significant revisions have been made to the Understanding ASD course, and a new version of the course will replace the current one on January 20th 2017.

Please note that previous participants of the course will NOT lose their accreditation, however, page changes mean that progress information will not match up, and so it will be reset.

Please contact your regional leads with any queries.