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Inclusion Online courses available in Victorian Government Schools in 2017

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The Department of Education and Training continues its roll out of Inclusion Online courses, which has seen over 10,600 course registrations across the state since introduction of the initiative in Term 3 2012.

As part of the Inclusive education for all students with disabilities and additional needs agenda, the Government is committed to supporting all teachers in Victoria to engage in professional learning activities to improve the quality of teaching in every classroom for students with disabilities. 

Inclusion Online offers free, blended professional learning courses focusing on understanding, assessment and classroom support of students with disabilities and learning difficulties.


Courses available in 2017 include:

  • Understanding Autism Spectrum Disorders
  • Understanding Hearing Loss
  • Understanding Dyslexia and Significant Difficulties in Reading
  • Inclusion of Students with Speech, Language and Communication Needs


Further information is available by contacting the Online Professional Learning Coordinator for your region:

North-Western Victoria Region
Kellie Blair 
(03) 9488 9468  

South-Western Victoria Region
Jacqui Nicholson
(03) 5225 1028

North-Eastern Victoria Region 
Pauline Cavalot
(03) 8392 9332

South-Eastern Victoria Region 
Emma Wray
(03) 8765 5624